Thursday, September 17, 2009


If you are an internet surfer would often come across marketing gurus acknowledgment of their success. Testimonials of handsome earning from the Affiliate Program which they subscribed lead us to believe. Photos show them posing next to luxury cars, big houses; the products of their impressive income. So we are perturbed! So! What's more, with a few hundred RM, if not thousands of dollars we conclude with sign-up ... Alas! You are just being recommended doing the same old thing, as their first "sign-up". The same product is sold by most of the marketing gurus. Recent trend added more sophisticated, each with "external decoration" in more interesting presentation, e-books and videos. Only the "toys" of words, the promises that their product information, apparently in demand. But with the smarter people around to assess, the sky not always clear for them. I become one more time the "hit-and-run" victim. It seems "our people" more trickery than "outsiders". I hope not to be easily influenced by these "gurus" again. I do not want to just follow my feeling. I need to have good rational and sound mind to counter-balance.

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